Our Board


Aaron Kilgore

President and Founder

My passion for serving others started around the age of nine when I meet my first missionary. As I listened to him tell the stories of the Kuna people, tales of tragedy and of triumph, I felt my heart begin to burn with a desire to make a difference and from that point on I have made it my mission to serve wherever there is a need. I've been involved with overseas mission works and mission efforts in Mexico. My current efforts are focused on the poverty survivor and those who suffer from mental and addiction disorders living in the communities her in North Alabama and the surrounding areas.



Elizabeth Powell

Co-Founder and Secretary

All through my life I grew up very poor and at times homeless, eating out of trashcans and living in shelters. What I remember the most however, is the people who came into my life to help and those who showed us the love and compassion of Christ. The ones who remembered your name, your story and treated like us a human being that left the greatest impact of all. I will never forget being with my Mom having nothing for Christmas and hearing her call around telling people she has nothing for her kids  and people showing up with toys and clothes. Growing up and even now I can see how God has placed different people in my life for one reason or another and sometimes just for a season, If it wasn't for the many people who came and showed Gods Love to us when we were at our lowest point, we wouldn't have eaten, had the basic necessities nor would I be the person I am today. Their kindness, Compassion, Giving and Self-Sacrifice means the world to me and now this is my way of paying it forward.


Shawn Drake

Treasurer and Logistics Coordinator

I am a Huntsville native and I have a strong Love for my community. I felt the calling to help others and have made it my mission to serve wherever I can find a opportunity. Throughout my time in Huntsville I have assisted several ministries as they serve those who need a Hand Up. I firmly believe that God lead me to join this ministry to send LOVE to our Homeless communities and those who we serve. I am very excited to serve on the board of Renewing Grace and I look forward to what God has in store for us as we move towards our long term goals and strive to bring God's unconditional love to everyone regardless what their needs are.

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